Hotel Stay – Marriott County Hall, London

My first hotel stay of 2022 and my goodness it was a good one! For one of my 30th presents, my boyfriend booked a weekend away in London with lots of lovely things to do, including staying at this 5* hotel. Now I will confess, I love a good hotel. I am not sure IContinue reading “Hotel Stay – Marriott County Hall, London”

Apps that make you real money!

We all see the adverts for apps and websites that can make you money and actually when you look into it you have to jump through 85 hoops to earn 5p. Well, I am here to try and make your life a little bit easier and earn yourself a bit of money. Now I’m notContinue reading “Apps that make you real money!”

45km Trek for Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that I am taking part in a 45km walk/run for Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice. If you can spare any pennies, I would be so grateful, and will leave the link below. Less than 6p in every £1 comes from the government, which means theContinue reading “45km Trek for Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice”

How to stay positive during a break-up

Going through a breakup, will be one of the hardest things any of us have to face. I recently went through a breakup with someone I had been with for nearly 5 years. I have always been a positive person, but when you all of a sudden loose someone after all those years, it canContinue reading “How to stay positive during a break-up”

How to prepare for the first day in your new job

I think starting a new job is one of the most terrifying things you can do. Having started a new job last week, these feelings are very fresh in my mind, and I thought I would write a blog post about how I prepared and made myself feel as prepared as possible. I will confess,Continue reading “How to prepare for the first day in your new job”

Top 10 Films I Still Need To See!

I need to hold my hands up. There are still many ‘classic’ films that I am yet to see, and in this blog post I shall confess to those films. I actually watch films quite a lot, but I watch a lot of my favourites on repeat. So here are the 10 films that IContinue reading “Top 10 Films I Still Need To See!”

The ultimate playlist for a 90s child

Hola! So today I thought I would share with you 40 songs that are on my ultimate throwback playlist. I am always looking for ‘old school’ songs and have over the last few weeks accumulated a fair list, so I thought I would share! I definitely listen to more 00s songs than I do chartContinue reading “The ultimate playlist for a 90s child”

The realities of working for the NHS

I think most people are aware to certain degree the strain the NHS are under. For just under 2 years, I worked in the Radiology department of a very busy hospital in Sussex. I witnessed such a change in not only the physical area I worked in, but the difference in staff around me. TheContinue reading “The realities of working for the NHS”

How to cope with a parents cancer diagnosis

It was the week before Christmas in December 2016 when my Dad told me he had Cancer of the left kidney. I remember he wouldn’t even say the word, he just called it the ‘big C.’ I went into a state of shock. I worked in a hospital at the time which made me thatContinue reading “How to cope with a parents cancer diagnosis”

A day out in Chichester, West Sussex

Chichester will forever be my favourite place. I may be biased as I was born here, BUT, just wait until you see some of the pictures I took today. I by no means feel that my pictures do Chichester justice, however considering it was pouring with rain, I think I have done an okay job.Continue reading “A day out in Chichester, West Sussex”