The realities of working for the NHS

I think most people are aware to certain degree the strain the NHS are under. For just under 2 years, I worked in the Radiology department of a very busy hospital in Sussex. I witnessed such a change in not only the physical area I worked in, but the difference in staff around me. TheContinue reading “The realities of working for the NHS”

My first Smear test

Hola! I wanted to write about my experience to encourage other girls, who may be anxious about having a smear test done, that it is nothing to be scared of. I received my letter for my smear test two months before my 25th birthday. I am now 26 and only just having it done. IContinue reading “My first Smear test”

Life begins when you step outside your comfort zone

As 2017 drew to an end, I found myself very reflective on the decisions I had made that year. 2017 was a tough year, yet it was also the year when I truly felt like I was taking control of my life, and what I wanted to do with it. In February 2017, I handedContinue reading “Life begins when you step outside your comfort zone”