How to stay positive during a break-up

Going through a breakup, will be one of the hardest things any of us have to face. I recently went through a breakup with someone I had been with for nearly 5 years. I have always been a positive person, but when you all of a sudden loose someone after all those years, it can… Continue reading How to stay positive during a break-up


I met my boyfriend online dating

Yup. I am an online dating success. Unless break up just as this blog post goes out. That would be really awkward... I had been on a couple of dating apps for a while when I met my Boyfriend, Robbie, but nothing had ever really gone anywhere with anyone. We met on an app called… Continue reading I met my boyfriend online dating


Our stay in Eastbourne

At the beginning of January, it was my birthday! One of the presents my boyfriend got me, was a weekend away to our favourite hotel in Eastbourne. (What I got for my 26th Birthday) Eastbourne is in East Sussex and is a seaside town. We like Eastbourne, but we come back purely for the hotel.… Continue reading Our stay in Eastbourne