Our 4 Year Anniversary Weekend

So on Saturday the 11th August, my boyfriend and I celebrated 4 years together! Can't bloody believe I have actually put up with another human being that long! Every year we go away for our anniversary, only for the weekend, but its just our thing. This year, we decided to go the Airbnb route, which… Continue reading Our 4 Year Anniversary Weekend


My top 10 favourite films EVER!

I have decided to publicly declare my all time favourite films: Top 10. Now I actually found it quite stressful getting my top 10 as I love watching films. So many incredible films just missed out (including all bar one of the Harry Potter films). So let's get this under way! (In no particular order)… Continue reading My top 10 favourite films EVER!


Our stay in Eastbourne

At the beginning of January, it was my birthday! One of the presents my boyfriend got me, was a weekend away to our favourite hotel in Eastbourne. (What I got for my 26th Birthday) Eastbourne is in East Sussex and is a seaside town. We like Eastbourne, but we come back purely for the hotel.… Continue reading Our stay in Eastbourne


My top 10 must watch TV shows on Netflix: UK

I remember getting Netflix when I was at university and thinking it was rubbish. 6 years on, It's the only place I watch TV shows. So here are my top 10 TV shows on Netflix that are worth a shot if you haven't seen them. (In no particular order) 1. Doctor Who Of course I… Continue reading My top 10 must watch TV shows on Netflix: UK

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Why it’s okay to not want children

This is a very interesting subject for me. As you probably know, I work as a Nanny. I have worked with children practically all of my working life. Yet when it comes down to having children of my own, do I really want them? I am still undecided. When I was younger, I used to… Continue reading Why it’s okay to not want children


How to earn extra cash: Babysitting

Bonjour my lovelies! Today I will be talking about earning some extra cash, either along side your full-time job or whilst you study. I have been babysitting for families for 8 years now - starting at 18. I am also qualified in Childcare and currently work part-time as a Nanny. Babysitting is such an easy… Continue reading How to earn extra cash: Babysitting