I always try and bring you legitimate ways to earn money and vouchers so here I am offering you a chance to earn a £10 Amazon voucher through Zilch. It’s so easy and I genuinely have my voucher thanks to a lovely lady popping her referral link on Instagram!

  1. Click this link here to sign up to Zilch
  2. Register and then verify your email.
  3. You can then see at the bottom of your screen your 1000 points (£10) to be used.
  4. Link you debit card (this is a legitimate website)
  5. Spend your £10 how you wish – I chose Amazon
  6. Pass you referral link on and for every person who spends the £10, you get £10 as well.

It’s things like this that allow me to top up my Amazon account and allow me to splurge a little more freely for Christmas and Birthdays through my accumulation of vouchers.

You’re welcome, happy shopping! x

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