How to prepare for the first day in your new job

I think starting a new job is one of the most terrifying things you can do. Having started a new job last week, these feelings are very fresh in my mind, and I thought I would write a blog post about how I prepared and made myself feel as prepared as possible.

I will confess, I have had a few jobs in my 27 years, and I feel like each time I have started a new job, the more my confidence has grown. All of the things that have helped me grow in confidence, are basic and simple things, so anyone can do them!

The first thing I do to prepare, is make sure that I have all my work clothes/uniform ready. Make sure you have got everything you need for the new job and ensure you have the outfits for your first week at work all ready. This is such a simple step, but when you are starting your new job, you don’t want to be worrying about where your favourite blouse is, or that you haven’t ironed it.

Secondly, research the company and what your job role could entail. If you have bagged yourself the job, then you will have probably already done this, but just do some research, so that on your first day, you are aware of some aspects and what is expected. This step isn’t essential, but if like me, you like to know as much as possible before hand, then it’s a good thing to do.

Thirdly, pamper yourself. Everyone woman knows, that to feel your most confident, you need to feel at your best. Whether that be getting your hair freshly cut, your nails done or even a wax, do whatever makes you feel fresh! The night before you start your job, take time on yourself, relax, have a nice long bath and you will go to bed feeling your best.

The final thing that I did this time round, that I hadn’t done before, was meditate. I just found a Youtube video that was a meditation for calming nerves, and did that for 10 minutes the evening before I started the job. For me it just settles me and brings me back down to earth!

Now it’s time to go and smash the job. Remember, they will not expect you to know everything so don’t beat yourself up about it. Ask questions if you are unsure and make notes if you need to (I had to!)

Everyone is a newbie once, remember that.

I hope this helps my lovelies,




  1. ellieslondon says:

    Wise words here – these tips are great 🙂


  2. Great advice! I feel they can apply to other new experiences too like starting university. There’s nothing worse than feeling anxious so preparing clothes etc makes you feel a lot more organised!

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