30 things to do before my 30th!

Okay, so I have just over 2 and a half years, but you have to be organised with these things!

  1. Get another piercing
  2. Buy a house
  3. Be comfortable with my weight and size
  4. Go to Sorrento
  5. Go to New York
  6. Go to Edinburgh at Christmas time
  7. Be in a career I am content in.
  8. Run 5K for charity
  9. Join the gym
  10. Hit 1000 subscribers on Youtube
  11. Buy a new bed
  12. Read 30 books
  13. See the Northern Lights
  14. Try Glamping
  15. Finish watching Classic Who
  16. Try Wagamama’s
  17. Play Monopoly
  18. Go to a Planetarium
  19. Be less judgmental
  20. Get engaged (kinda out of my control)
  21. Go to Bath
  22. Go to another concert
  23. Upgrade my iPhone (I am still on an iPhone 5!)
  24. Try a pottery class
  25. Learn how to cook a decent steak
  26. Buy a Kate Spade Bag
  27. Get contact lenses
  28. Watch E.T
  29. Have learnt more Gavin and Stacey quotes
  30. I mean, it’s obvious, but I would like to still be alive!

Well, that’s a random list! Hopefully I can start ticking them off soon. Let me know what is on your bucket list!

Marie-Clare x

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