My top 5 most anticipated films of 2019

I think it is fair to say that this year we have some absolute corkers of films coming out! I have whittled it down to the top 5 films I am most excited to see!

      1. Avengers: Endgame

I know this film has a lot of hype and I am not ashamed to be a part of it! I only discovered the Avengers world last year and it got me, hook, line and sinker! I fear for who we potentially may lose in this film, but I am buzzing to go and see it!

 2. IT: Chapter Two

This is a weird one because I hate clowns! But I was super intrigued to see the remake and I was surprisingly impressed! I know this film is set 27 years later and I am excited to see if they can keep the standard as high and as scary as last time.

     3. Escape Room

Give me anything that involves mystery and I will be as happy as Larry! I love films with the concept of people have to solve a mystery or a puzzle in order to leave or survive (hence my love of the Saw films). We are inundated with films that try and be cool, edgy and mysterious and let’s be honest, most disappoint. However, I saw the trailer for this and it pulled me in, so im’a go see it!

4. Toy Story 4

I mean, its Toy Story, of course I can’t wait! I just hope this film is as good as the other 3 and doesn’t disappoint! I think it may be an emotional film, but I hope it’s filled with love and laughter like the others. Will I look odd going on my own as a fully grown adult?

    5. Jumanji Sequel (Untitled)

This was my favourite film of 2018. I cannot fault it. Even Nick Jonas shocked me with his acting skills. The cast is comedy gold and I hope we have so much more of the comedy in the next film. I have no idea where they are going to go with the story line, or how they will get the characters back in Jumanji, but I am so ready for it!

So there we have it! My top 5 films to watch this year. Let me know if you are excited for any of these films, or if you have others you are hotly anticipating!

Until next time,

Marie-Clare x



One thought on “My top 5 most anticipated films of 2019

  1. I’m also excited about these movies!! I had no idea a toy story 4 was coming out, omggg. I wonder what it’s going to be about this time lol. I’m excited about avengers badly!! From the previews it’s going to be lit!!!

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