Top 10 Films I Still Need To See!

I need to hold my hands up. There are still many ‘classic’ films that I am yet to see, and in this blog post I shall confess to those films. I actually watch films quite a lot, but I watch a lot of my favourites on repeat. So here are the 10 films that I really want to see, I just haven’t yet!

  1. Brokeback Mountain – I am a huge Jake Gyllenhaal fan yet I still haven’t see this! I know this was such a breakthrough film and I roughly know the plot…I just need to see it with my own eyes!
  2. Lord of the Rings – Now, these films scare me as I feel like they might be quite intense and I am unsure how I avoided them for this long. I do think I need to put aside a day if I am going to commit to these films.
  3. Star Wars – DON’T KILL ME! They have never appealed to me, but I would like to watch them just because of how much apart of film history they are.
  4. Jurassic Park – So I have seen Jurassic World, but not the originals. I think this is a film I will wait to come on TV during winter for me to watch it. Not sure I would go out of my way to buy it and watch.
  5. James Bond – Yup, I have never seen a bond film, which is surprising as I love that genre. Do I start from the first ever bond film?!
  6. Avatar – All I know about this film is that it is bloody long. I remember it being talked about all the time when it was released, but I just never got round to seeing it! When I have a spare few hours, I will try and make my way through it!
  7. Clueless – The only thing I know about this film is it has some immense fashion statements. I am ‘clueless’ about the plot (sorry) but I have always wanted to watch it.
  8. Inception – I think this is one of those mind-boggling films, which really intrigues me. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio.
  9. The Godfather – This is Number 1 on Empire’s greatest ever films, and that must mean its bloody good, right?! Again, no idea on the plot, but I quite like that as it means I have an open mind.
  10. E.T – Now, part of me wants to see it, but part of me doesn’t. As far as I am aware, it has a sad ending and I can’t cope with sad films. But it is an absolute classic so I think it’s a must watch.

Which films make your list? Do you have any you can recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks again for reading, I really appreciate it!



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Films I Still Need To See!

  1. Wouldn’t say you NEED to see brokeback mountain although it is incredibly sad and romantic.

    There aren’t any films I need to see, I’ve watched pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted to see. Waiting for Nicholas sparks to bring out some more movies! 💗

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