The top 4 ways I earn an extra income

We all love the idea of earning a bit of spare cash to help out with life, whether it’s for birthdays or to treat yourself to that handbag you’ve wanted for ages! Over the past year, I have discovered simple ways to earn a bit of money on the side. Now, I will say that you don’t get money for nothing, they do require a small bit of effort, but it is money nonetheless!

  1. YouGov   YouGov-company-logo

YouGov is a survey site. You complete surveys as often or as little as you like in order to earn points. Once you hit 5000 points, you receive £50! Now, I have tried lots of survey sites, and this is by far the most interesting and most simple to use. Most surveys last around 10 minutes and are easy to complete. I even had a survey where I had to watch a new TV show before it aired, and I got points for it!

If you would like to join, this is my referral link which just means I get 200 points when you have completed 6 surveys. If you can get all your friends and family to join as well, you’ll reach the £50 in no time!

2. HQ App


I love this app! It is a live trivia game show, where you need to complete 12 questions to win a share of £1000!! The game is on at 3pm and 9pm, with a themed quiz every Thursday evening! My phone notifies me when the game is about to start, so I always remember! They do have special shows where the prize fund can be a lot higher! It a fun quiz that could also bank you some serious cash. If you fancy downloading the app, my referral code is robbiesgal, which means I get an extra life (which would be really appreciated!)

3. Sell your unwanted items


I hear so many people talk about how that want to make a bit of money, and I tell them to sell their spare clothes and the response is always ‘yeahhh…but I can’t be bothered’?! ARRGHH! The amount of money that is sat in unused items around your house is crazy. I started doing this over 2 years ago, which then led to me buying items to flip for profit, which then led to me running a business with my boyfriend on ebay. You don’t even have to sell on ebay, there are so many platforms nowadays such as Shpock, Gumtree, Facbook Marketplace, Mercari, Depop, Etsy and even Instagram. And not only are you making money from items you don’t want anymore, you are clearing out your house…bonus!

4. Babysitting

It may sound like something you do when you are 16 to earn a bit of cash, but their are families our there who will pay serious cash for babysitters. I meet most of my families through which is a safe and validated site, and is free to join. If you are trustworthy and don’t mind giving up a couple of evenings a month, then you can earn up to £12 p/h.

So there are 4 ways to make spare cash, of which I do all of them. I also use many more apps and websites, so if you would like me to do another one of these in the future, then let me know! I really hope you found it useful and hopefully you make some money from one or more them!

Ciao for now,



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