Our 4 Year Anniversary Weekend

So on Saturday the 11th August, my boyfriend and I celebrated 4 years together! Can’t bloody believe I have actually put up with another human being that long! Every year we go away for our anniversary, only for the weekend, but its just our thing. This year, we decided to go the Airbnb route, which I have never done before. We also left it quite late to book somewhere so we didn’t have as much choice as we would have liked. We didn’t have a location in mind, we just decided to find an airbnb we liked and go from there. Eventually we found a beautiful house…which was 15 minutes down the road from me! (typical).

Anyway, the hosts were amazing, the room was amazing and their dog Rex was the cutest little thing. The Friday evening we decided to walk to a local pub for some food and it was SO GOOD!

We headed back after an amazing meal and had a pretty chill out evening.

The next morning, the 11th, was officially our anniversary! I got completely spoiled and got waaayy more than I could have asked for. We decided to head to Chichester to do some shopping and play some adventure golf. This didn’t initially go to plan as my car wouldn’t reverse so I had to call someone out. Turns out my car was just a bit stiff after all the rain we had, which had driven through.


We EVENTUALLY arrived in Chichester and got on with spending some money. Robbie did also get me £25 to spend at River Island which I bought a lovely blouse with, which if you want to see what it looks like, then head over to my Youtube channel 😀

We then headed to a local golf club to play adventure golf, which is like our thing. It’s such a childish thing and we were surrounded by families but we just love it! It was 18 holes and at one point, you have to get on a wooden raft and pull yourself along the river! NUTS! I of course won…

We headed home about 6pm and decided to order in a Domino’s…standard. It was just another chilled out evening, eating, using Lush bath bombs and eating some more!

The Sunday morning I dropped Robbie at the train station and we said our goodbyes. As i pulled up outside my house, I saw a flower shop van outside. I thought it couldn’t have been for me, low and behold…


The biggest most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever received, with a little note saying, ‘you didn’t think I had forgotten had you?’. I was completely and utterly surprised and I would like to think I was intuitive with things like this. The flowers were the icing on the cake. I had the most incredible weekend and I have been well and truly spoiled.

I really hope you enjoyed the insight into our anniversary weekend. Nothing crazy, but the most important thing was just spending time together. Let me know if you and your partner have any traditions or things you always do together…maybe you are adventure golf lovers also!? ha!

Until next time,






3 thoughts on “Our 4 Year Anniversary Weekend

  1. Happy anniversary guys!! Got to love a weekend away, myself and my wife do a few weekends away a year, it’s our thing too 💗 xx

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  2. Happy anniversary! The flowers made me squeal a little bit, sounds like you were so spoiled how lovely! I’ve been with my boyfriend almost 2 years and I still can’t believe I’ve tolerated being with someone this long, ha! x x


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