My first Smear test


I wanted to write about my experience to encourage other girls, who may be anxious about having a smear test done, that it is nothing to be scared of. I received my letter for my smear test two months before my 25th birthday. I am now 26 and only just having it done. I absolutely should have had it done sooner, and don’t get me wrong, I have had it booked a few times. But last year, my periods were irregular, and every time I had a smear booked, I would be on my period. So my first bit of advice, is don’t wait. This test could save your life. We are so lucky to be able to have this test offered to us girls, at no cost to us.

So I was slightly apprehensive about my smear test. In reality, I think I am actually nervous for the results, especially as I had left it a year to get this done. I have had a sexual health check before, so opening my legs in front of a nurse didn’t really bother me. The nurse I had was so lovely. She made me feel really comfortable. The weirdest bit of the whole situation is when you just have to strip off, but I think that’s just basic human nature.

I laid back on the bed and she proceeded to take the sample. In order to do so, they clamp open your vagina/noonie/foofoo, which can I say, does not hurt. They will then take like a long ear bud, and swab inside of your cervix. That is literally all it is.

Whilst in a McDonalds drive-thru, I received a text about 7 days later saying all clear!

So please, if you have been putting off your smear, I assure you, 5 minutes of feeling slightly awkward, are worth it if it saves your life.

Until next time,



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