My worst date story

Happy Valentines Day you beautiful people! So instead of doing a soppy post about how much I love my boyfriend blah blah blah, I thought I would do a worst dates story. Now I have been on a couple, but this story is the most random situation I have ever been in and unfortunately, 100% true!

So firstly, I genuinely cannot remember this guys name so I am just going to call him Jack. I met Jack on an online dating website whilst I was at University. He seemed like a really sweet guy, not my usual type, but I thought that was a good thing. We decided to meet on a Sunday once I had finished work at 4pm. We didn’t really discuss what we would do but we thought maybe grab some food or something. I was still a very shy person and would never suggest what we should do on a first date, or make a decision (which backfires on me!). So I walked out of my work and sore him approach me. We hugged and headed off to his car. Now I don’t want to sound like a dick, but he drove a very light red/pink Ford KA…that was my first big no no. We got in the car and he asked me what I wanted to do (refer back to my incapability to make decisions) and I said I didn’t mind. I was lying. I was bloody starving after having been at work all day. He decided to just drive around. We were chatting but I knew quite quickly that we had a very different sense of humour and were just not on the same level. Eventually we ended up in the car park of Tesco. Yup. He wanted to just chat and chill. It is important to remember that I was starving hungry and this Tesco was not 24 hours and therefore was shut.

He had told me he had a cricket match a bit later on but would drop me back first. By this point he was agreeing with everything I would say. Anything I liked doing, he likes etc. But we quite clearly had nothing in common. Oh, another key bit of info, it was my time of the month. Suddenly he gets a phone call from his team mate telling him that the cricket match was 2 hours earlier than he thought. The match was in about half an hour. So guess what?! I had to go with him. By this point I couldn’t hide my hanger. I was hungry, I had stomach cramps, I was tired and I hate cricket. I thought at some point that this must all be a joke. We pulled into the leisure complex and he started getting his stuff out of the car. I didn’t move. He poked his head in the car and I told him I wasn’t coming. He thought I was joking this time. I absolutely was not. Part of me thinks this was all part of the plan so he could show his cricket friends he had a date and that ‘she was so supportive’. I sat in the car for 2 hours. I remember phoning one of my housemates Nick and demanding him to order me a takeaway ready for when I got home.

When we pulled up outside my house, Jack wanted to meet again. I just smiled politely and told him I would message him. I stepped back into my house at 10pm. I have never been so hungry in my life, and I do feel this may have contributed to my moodiness towards Jack, but a girls gotta eat!

I do know that he messaged me after asking for a second date and I told him that I was interested like that. I vaguely remember him asking for a second chance and that I may feel differently in a different environment…I never replied.

Well, there it is! This guy was a good egg, I’m just not that into eggs.

Until next time,



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