Born in the 90s: Children’s TV shows we grew up with

Welcome to the first in my new series, born in the 90’s! I thought this would be a really fun way of looking back at some of the best things about being born in the 90s (early 90’s for me) Whether it be the TV shows, the 10p sweets or the toys, I will be covering as much as I can. If you have any areas you would like me to cover, then please do leave a comment! So as you can tell from the title, the blog post will cover the TV shows I remember vividly growing up. I never had Disney channel or Nickelodeon so most of these shows were on CBBC or CITV. I hope you enjoy this nostalgic post and recognise some absolute classics!

tracy beaker

I mean, this programme must surely be a part of most 90s kids childhood, right?

super ted

I think Super Ted is my earliest memory of a TV show. I just looked up the opening of the show on YouTube and it actually made me feel a bit emotional!


Why this isn’t still on TV I have no idea?! Just an absolute classic right?!


Jeopardy was genuinely the scariest thing I had ever watched at the time. I remember there never being a definitive ending as to what the strange goings on where, which was incredibly frustrating.

raggy dolls

Another TV show that I have very early memories of. It finished showing in 1994 but they must have repeated it occasionally as I would have only been 2 years old in 1994!


Kerching was in the early 00s and I remember I always used to watch it with my sister and I felt really grown up watching it.

tots tv

‘I’m a tot, je suis a tot, Teeny, Tom and Tiny…’ Looking back now, the dolls look a bit strange, but I feel like this is another staple TV show for us 90’s children.


I almost forgot this show!! I went onto YouTube and listened to opening titles and oh my, I had major flashback! I actually don’t think I liked this programme, but my sister loved it so we would watch it every day after school.


Old school Postman Pat will forever have a place in my heart.

queens nose

This was my second favourite TV show growing up. (My favourite coming up next) I wanted so badly to find a 50p that would grant wishes. I could genuinely watch all of this series again!

s club

This show played a huge part in my life! I was obsessed. I would get my Grandma to record episodes on her tape recorder if I was going to miss it. I fancied Jon so much! This show takes me back to just the blissful life of being a child. My absolute favourite children,s show ever!


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