A day out in Chichester, West Sussex

Chichester will forever be my favourite place. I may be biased as I was born here, BUT, just wait until you see some of the pictures I took today. I by no means feel that my pictures do Chichester justice, however considering it was pouring with rain, I think I have done an okay job.













If you ever end up in Chichester, I would highly recommend looking in and around the Cathedral!

Sorry for a quick/potentially boring post, but I just wanted to share my favourite city with you 😀

Love always,



3 thoughts on “A day out in Chichester, West Sussex

  1. I stopped in Chichester on my way from Penzance to Canterbury in October, 2016 and fell in love with it, especially the cathedral close. I chose to stop there mainly because of the famous Festival Theatre, knowing nothing else about the city. Now I want to go back and spend some time having a really good look around – and going to both theatres, as I had only allowed time for one. Lovely place.


  2. Hello. I’m not a 20 something but I visited Chichester yesterday for the first time and I loved it! Luckily, I had sunny blue skies although it was rather cold but I blogged about it as well as nearby West Wittering…..which I visited at sunset. Wow! Looking forward to following your blog xx

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