I met my boyfriend online dating

Yup. I am an online dating success. Unless break up just as this blog post goes out. That would be really awkward…

I had been on a couple of dating apps for a while when I met my Boyfriend, Robbie, but nothing had ever really gone anywhere with anyone. We met on an app called Plenty of Fish. So let’s go back to April 2014. I remember it was a Sunday, I was sat at the dining room table doing some work for my Childcare apprenticeship, when I got a message from Robbie. He had been out with his boys the night before and was waiting for the train home from Brighton. He said that my profile picture popped up on the bottom of his homepage and he clicked on it. Thank god he did! We texted non-stop. I instantly thought he was a handsome chap, but didn’t want to get my hopes up. We lived about an hours drive away from each other, so decided to meet up the following Saturday. Looking back, I feel like that was quite quick to meet up?! But I just had a feeling, like a really good gut feeling.

Saturday arrived and I drove down to him. I was fine the whole way, until I parked up and I freaked out! We met at his house to just chill and watch a film, so we didn’t have to worry about restaurant etiquette or anything. I will never forget him opening the door, and legit the first thing that popped in my head was, ‘f**k me, he’s fit’. That definitely made me even more shy than usual. When we got inside, I sat on the opposite sofa to him, like and awkward penguin. We decided to watch Kevin and Perry go large…absolute classic! I don’t remember the conversation. What I do remember was that Robbie kept inviting me over to sit on the sofa next to him. I kept saying no…like and awkward penguin!

Eventually I gave in and sat next to him and we had our first kiss. OMG. I have just realised that we had our first kiss whilst watching Kevin and Perry go large…so romantic! The rest is history as they say.

So we met in the April, were an official couple in the August, much to the delight of all our friends and family. Even though we were dating, and we had met each others family, we refused to call ourselves a couple, until we were officially. His whole family used to say we were ‘friends with benefits’, even his mum!

So that’s the story of us! 4 years this year and I think I may have finally found a man that understands my high standards!

“Never love anybody, who treats you like you’re ordinary” – Oscar Wilde




11 thoughts on “I met my boyfriend online dating”

      1. Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        You definitely will, I’m sure! It will honestly be when you least expect it!!
        Really glad to see you and your partner are so happy! I’m such a hopeless romantic so any sort of love story is a winner for me ❀️

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