My top 10 favourite films EVER!

I have decided to publicly declare my all time favourite films: Top 10. Now I actually found it quite stressful getting my top 10 as I love watching films. So many incredible films just missed out (including all bar one of the Harry Potter films). So let’s get this under way!

(In no particular order)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest [Blu-ray] [1976] [Region Free] – I discovered both the book and film at university when we had to study it for one of our modules. Jack Nicholson is pure genius in this drama/comedy film which sees his character Randle McMurphy moved from prison to a mental institution, which Nicholson’s character assumes will be an easier ride – he was very wrong. Its a film classic, and with incredible acting and that’s why it is in my top 10.

Love, Rosie [DVD]– Okay, okay, hear me out. I know this isn’t a classic nor the best film I’ve ever seen. But it is a film I can watch again and again and not get bored. It follows a beautiful love story of two people who are madly in love, but go for years with near misses of declaring their true feelings. Lily Collins and Sam Claflin play the lead roles incredibly well. Can I also mention that Lily Collins’ British accent is faultless!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – OBVIOUSLY, I had to put a HP film in my top 10. Trying to pick which one was tricky. But, there is nothing like a young Harry, Ron and Hermione, entering Hogwarts for the first time, to put a smile on your face. This film really was the start of an incredible series.

Titanic [DVD] [1997] – What a film! Gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Although I do question as to whether this film has made my top 10 solely because I enjoy watching a young Leonardo DiCaprio. 9/10 possibility on that.

Passengers [DVD] [2017]– I absolutely love the concept of this film. Passengers are on a flight from Earth, to a new planet that takes 120 years. Due to faults, two of the passengers wake up and have to face the fact that they will spend the remainder of their lives on this ship. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence lead this movie and my love of this movie is also based on me loving both of these actors as individuals. If you like Sci-fi, this ones for you.

Love and Other Drugs [DVD] – The story of a young woman (Anne Hathaway) as she comes to terms with her Parkinson’s disease at a young age. She then meets a drug representative (Jake Gyllenhaal) and their relationship develops into something neither of them ever imagined. Again, the leading actors in the film are two huge reasons this film is in my top 10, but the story line isn’t like any other love story and this film will make you feel so many different emotions!

Nocturnal Animals –  If I had to recommend you watch one film that you must watch from this list, it would be this one. I’m not going to even try and explain the plot, what I will say is its a story, within a story, within a story. Directed by Tom Ford, yes, the same name behind the designer fashion brand. Also starring, Isla Fisher, Michael Shannon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Amy Adams…insane cast right? Aaron won a Golden Globe for his performance, but this film was highly under-looked but the Academy Awards. Definitely a must watch, and it’s currently on Now TV!

The Holiday – I remember watching this film in the cinemas when it first came out and falling in love with Jude Law! This is such a feel good, happy film, that I often associate with Christmas time. Set both in USA and the UK, this film as a real balance of everything you would want in a classic love story, but from different dimensions.

When A Stranger Calls [DVD] – If anyone says to me, think of the worst horror film you’ve seen, this would be it.  It is your stereotypical horror film, with a cliche plot, however some scenes still stay with me today. I think this must have been the first ever horror film I saw around the age of 14 and it really has stayed with me. So for that reason, this has made my top 10.

Get Out – I only watched this film a few days because it had such a hype around it and my goodness you can see why. A horror film, starring Daniel Kaluuya,  but like no other I have ever seen. What I loved about this film is you have so many questions throughout, and you cannot predict what the next scene will bring. If you have a spare couple of hours, give this a watch. You won’t regret it!

What are your favourite films? Any that you would highly recommend?



3 thoughts on “My top 10 favourite films EVER!

  1. The Holiday is one of my all time favourites too! I haven’t seen a few of the films on this list so I’ll definitely be adding them to my ‘to be watched’

    Jess xx

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