10 facts about me

Hi guys!

So I thought it was about time I gave some insight into who I actually am! I am your average Joe so please forgive me if these facts bore you! Without further a do, 10 facts about moi!

  1. I am half-french
  2. I quit university half-way through my degree
  3. I own a business with my boyfriend
  4. One of my front teeth got knocked out when I was 12. I was in France and someone threw a stone at me and it hit my tooth and nothing could be done until I was back in the UK (I rocked the toothless look)
  5. I have a dog called Jasper who is a cross beagle and king charles cavalierIMG_0788
  6. I am allergic to onions
  7. I have 2 tattoos and 7 piercings
  8. I absolutely hate Tupperware! From about the age of 12, I have never used a lunchbox, I will always buy everything fresh.
  9. I am 5 ft 8 inches
  10.  I love Jane Austen. Well, I love the older style of writing and the classic novels that were written in that era. I am currently reading Mansfield Park

So there we are! 10 facts about me! If anyone else hates Tupperware, then please let me know as I am aware it is a slightly strange phobia.

Adios amigos,



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