How to earn extra cash: Babysitting

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Today I will be talking about earning some extra cash, either along side your full-time job or whilst you study. I have been babysitting for families for 8 years now – starting at 18. I am also qualified in Childcare and currently work part-time as a Nanny.

Babysitting is such an easy way to make some money on the side – however it is a role that you need to seriously understand the importance of and your responsibility involved with it.

Advertise your services

There are a number of websites available to put an advert of your services up and for FREE! Over the years I have been on, and I have personally had the most success from

I do not pay for any of these websites and have got jobs from all 3, so don’t feel like you have to invest to be seen. If you want to look into becoming a nanny, then that would be the time to look at purchasing a subscription. The biggest disadvantage to not paying to be on is that I cannot message any parents, I can only like their page. However I find that most parents and guardians on this site pay for a subscription, which allows them to contact (your details are visible to them).

Put as much about yourself in the description, hobbies, experience, what you currently do, but my number one tip is to put a profile picture up. Your profile will stand out a lot more if you add a smiley, happy picture of yourself. I also have an extra picture of myself with my niece which just helps you to be remembered more than the others advertising the same services as you in the area.

Advertise on Facebook as well. Pop your qualifications and availability on the selling groups, they often have thousands of people in the group, which means a higher chance of getting hired!

So get yourself on these sites, because the more you advertise, the more chance you will have of getting a babysitting job.

Decide your rate

This sounds obvious, but make sure you state what you charge per hour and make sure the family are aware of it. But be careful, don’t undersell or oversell yourself. Look at the average in your area, and what other people are charging. If you don’t have qualifications in childcare, then you need to reflect that in your price. When i first started at 18, I charge £5p/h. Yes it wasn’t a lot, but I needed the experience and wasn’t qualified. My rate gradually went up. If you are qualified, naturally you can charge more.

Don’t forget to take into account travel costs, you need to come out with some profit!

Research the family/location

Babysitting isn’t just a case of sitting in someones house and watching the TV whilst the parents go out for a meal. Strangers will be inviting you into their house, to look after their whole life; their children. Just as important is your safety. You will be going to someones house you don’t know, potentially in an area you don’t know very well, so you need to have done your research.

If I have been conversing with a parent(s) for example, and they are happy to have me babysit, I will always do as thorough a check as possible on the individuals.

Facebook is often a brilliant place to look. You should know the person(s) name you are speaking to, often a surname initial and a location. Pop these details into Facebook and you should be able to find them. I have had a couple of occasions where they aren’t which is when I turn to Google.

When I was approached by the father of the little boy I currently Nanny for, I was admittedly, slightly apprehensive. Did I judge his intentions? Absolutely I did, but that is the exact thing you should do. You have always got to be wary! I knew his full name so I googled it and a LinkedIn account matching his name and area popped up. It showed his career and his previous jobs which instantly put my mind at ease. I then googled his address and he was very local to me, which again, made me feel slightly more at ease. Now I had done everything I could, he had openly given me his details, spoken about his son and I knew the area he lived in.

Just always be wary and do your research, because I can almost guarantee they will be doing the same about you!

So those are my basic tips to get some babysitting jobs, whether you need a bit of pocket money or want the experience. Remember, if you do a good job, you could become a regular babysitter. It also means they will recommend you to people they know, so always give 100% and have fun!

If you have any questions, or would like more info then head to my contact page and drop me a line 🙂

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